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CMM Fixture Metric Component Kit (Small CMMs)
CMM Fixture Metric Component Kit (Small CMMs)

CMM Fixture Metric Component Kit (Small CMMs)

Your Price: $960.00
Part Number:CMCK-S
The FixLogix metric component kit for smaller CMMs and parts is simple, highly functional, and economical. Multi-axis infinite adjustment allows you to put locators and clamps where you need them.

A wide variety of components such as vertical towers and swivel-heads are provided to improve setup flexibility. This kit configuration is vastly superior to other systems that cost twice the price.

FixLogix components are compatible with our t-slot fixture plates, and with other M6 threaded grid plate systems. Our components are predominantly stainless steel and anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance.

Additional components and accessories are available, and may be found on our website.

Includes the following components:

(4) #MCS19-25: 25mm length x 19mm dia. standoff
(4) #MCS19-38: 37.5mm length x 19mm dia. standoff
(4) #MCS19-50: 50mm length x 19mm dia. standoff
(4) #MCS19-75: 75mm length x 19mm dia. standoff
(4) #MCS19-100: 100mm length x 19mm dia. standoff

(12) #MCLN: locknut with M6 threaded ID
(For use with clamp rods, thumbscrew, and spherical locator pin)

(30) #MCTS8: M6 set screw SS, with nylon tips
(Used in T-nuts and right angle 2-way T-nuts)

(12) #MCTN1: T-nuts, 37.5mm long with (2) M6 threaded holes
(Used in T-slots of fixture plate or vertical riser)

(3) #MCTS: stainless thumbscrew with knurled top
(For use with cross-slide)

Clamps and Rods:
(6) #CTSC01: “Soft-touch” self-wedging tail-spring clamp
(Patent pending self-wedging clamp works with clamp rods)

(3) #MCR6-100T: Stainless clamp rod, 100mm long with M6 threaded end
(3) #MCR6-200T: Stainless clamp rod, 200mm long with M6 threaded end
(Use with locknut to attach rods to plate or standoffs)

Locating Accessories:
(2) #MCJSM6: Mini jack-screw with M6 thread
(Jackscrew and locknut are attached to standoff to create a mini jackstand.)

(4) #MCCLL19: small conical locators, 19mm dia. with M6 stud
(For locating in holes 2.5mm- 17.5mm, and for creating Vee configurations)

(2) #MCSWS: Swivel head assembly for horizontal or angular clamping setups, M6 post
(For multi-angle clamping or basing points)

(1) #MCCSA-300, Cross-slide assembly, 300mm, laser engraved, with mounting clamps
(Allows infinite adjustments, and angles to t-slots. Engraved scale for repeat setups)

(4) #MCAR0251: Adjustable rest button, stainless, spherical top, M6 thread
(Used with standoff, creates a 2-way locator or mini jackstand w/ spherical tip)

Risers and Accessories:
(2) #MCLR150: 150mm vertical linear riser, laser engraved, w/ six t-slots: 2 x 2 + 1 x 1.
(Provides vertical setup functionality, laser engraved scales for easy repeat setups)

(4) #MCAC-901 Right-angle connectors for risers, with (6) M6 threaded holes
(Provides mounting for risers….is a 2-way t-nut, also acts as tooling component)

Component Case:
(1) #CKCC: Component case with compartments, 475mm x 300mm x 75mm

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