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CMM Fixture Standard Component Kit (Small CMMs)
CMM Fixture Standard Component Kit (Small CMMs)

CMM Fixture Standard Component Kit (Small CMMs)

Your Price: $920.00
Part Number:CCK-75S
The FixLogix “small” size component kit is designed for smaller CMMs and smaller parts. Despite the economical price, the kit is very comprehensive, allowing a wide variety of part types to be easily fixtured for CMM inspection.

Individual components combine to deliver multiple functions quickly and easily. This provides a level of flexibility and setup capability unmatched by other systems that cost twice the price.

Includes the following components:

(4) #CS75-1: 1” length x .750” dia. standoff
(4) #CS75-1.5: 1.5” length x .750” dia. standoff
(4) #CS75-2: 2” length x .750” dia. standoff
(4) #CS75-3: 3” length x .750” dia. standoff
(4) #CS75-4: 4” length x .750” dia. standoff
(Standoffs have ¼-20 threaded stainless screw on bottom and threaded hole on top)

(30) #C3125-5: 5/16” long x ¼-20 set screw SS, with nylon tips
(Used in T-nuts and right angle 2-way T-nuts)

(2) #CTS-025050SS: 1/2” x ¼ -20 stainless thumbscrew with black knurled top
(For use with cross-slide assembly)

(12) #CTN1: T-nuts, 1.5” long with (2) ¼-20 threaded holes
(Used in T-slots of fixture plate or vertical riser)

(10) #CLN025: locknut with ¼-20 threaded ID
(For use with clamp rods, thumbscrew, and spherical locator pin)

Clamps and Rods:
(6) #CTSC01: “Soft-touch” self-wedging tail-spring clamp
(Patent pending self-wedging clamp works with clamp rods)

(3) #CR4025T: Stainless clamp rod, 4” long x .250 dia. with ¼-20 threaded end

(3) #CR8025T: Stainless clamp rod, 8.5” long x .250 dia. with ¼-20 threaded end
(Use with locknut to attach rods to plate or standoffs)

Locating Accessories:
(2) #CMJS01: Mini jack-screw
(Jackscrew and locknut are attached to standoff to create a mini jackstand)

(4) #CCLL75: Conical locator, .750” base dia. x 35° taper
(For locating in holes .08”- .700”, and to create simulated Vees)

(1) #CSWS: Swivel head assembly for horizontal or angular clamping setups
(For multi-angle clamping or basing points)

(1) #STB-1: Sliding tool block provides threaded holes perpendicular to t-slots

(1) #CCSA12: 12” Cross-slide assembly, with clamps
(Provides infinite adjustment between t-slots, and can be rotated)

(4) #CAR0251: Adjustable rest button, stainless, spherical top, ¼-20 thread
(Used with standoff, creates a 2-way locator or mini jackstand w/ spherical tip)

Risers and Accessories:
(2) #CLR6: 6” (150mm actual) vertical linear riser, six t-slots: 2 x 2 + 1 x 1
(Provides vertical setup functionality)

(4) #CAC-901: Right-angle connectors for risers, with 6 1/4-20 threaded holes
(Provides clean flush mounting for risers….is a 2-way t-nut, with extra hole for components)

Component Case:
(1) #CKCC: Component case with compartments, 18-1/2” x 12” x 3”

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