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12-2013 FixLogix becomes distributor for Geodetic Systems photogrammetry line for large structure measurement

09-2013 FixLogix launches new nub3d structured light scanner at Quality Expo

02-2013 FixLogix introduces new Kinematic plates for Robotic Kinematic measuring machines

12- 2013 FixLogix enjoys 30% increase in yearly sales over 2011

06-2013: FixLogix introduces the Precision JO-PLUG® tapped hole location gage. Precision JO-PLUGS® allow a CMM machine to measure the position of a threaded hole to the actual pitch diameter. This is a very effective way to accomplish this task.

02-2013: FixLogix introduces new Latitude Zero kinematic plate.

12-2012: FixLogix enjoys 30% annual sales increase over 2011 08-2008: FixLogix introduces new laser engraved reference scales on Fixture Frame for vision, and for CMM fixture plates.

08-2008: Keystone Dental and Bayer Healthcare both purchase new FixLogix Fixture Frame systems for Vision CMM applications.

07-2008: Honda America selects FixLogix to provide CMM fixture systems for engine head and engine block inspection.

07-2008: Parlec Inc. selects FixLogix for CMM process control.

06-2008: FixLogix builds mega booth structure at Quality Expo for distributor Inspec Inc. the 30' x 20' x 16' tall booth was constructed entirely from FixLogix fixture extrusions and framing components.

04-2008: FixLogix introduces new Fixture Frame for Video CMMs at the Westec Show in Los Angeles. The fixture was shown on a Visio 300 in the Hexagon Tesa booth. A standard CMM plate and kit was shown as well on a Tesa CMM.

04-2008: Metris USA Inc. selects FixLogix to provide fixture system to new CMM customer.

04-2008: Zeiss IMT displays FixLogix system on CMM at Methods Machine open house in Wixom, MI.

03-2008: NVision Inc. selects FixLogix as fixture OEM for their new High accuracy laser scanning system.

02-2008: New "Satin Black" fixture plates now available!