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FixOptix Optical Comparator Fixture Kit (inches)
FixOptix Modular Fixture Kit

FixOptix Optical Comparator Fixture Kit (inches)

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Part Number:OFK-1

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Rotary Vise

The FixOptix modular fixture system for optical comparators is the first of it's kind. The kit is economical and very functional, allowing a great variety of part staging fixtures to be built. The system can mimic traditional fixtures like Vee-blocks, vises and centers. It also allows the user to create an infinite variety of fixtures to stage parts that are not easily held by traditional fixtures.

FixOptix Modular Fixture Kit Data Sheet

Includes the following components:

(1) #OFB-18: 18” fixture base
(2) #OFBH: Hold downs
(2) #CS75-1: 1” length x .750” dia. standoff
(4) #CS75-1.5: 1.5” length x .750” dia. standoff
(2) #CS75-2: 2” length x .750” dia. standoff
(2) #CLR6: 150mm risers, engraved w/6 t-slots
(4) #CAC-901: Right angle t-nuts with (6) tooling holes
(3) #VRCTN-1: Ridged corner t-nut
(2) #STB-1: Sliding t-nut block with (2) threaded holes
(4) #CCLL75: Conical locator, .750” base dia. w/post
(3) #CTSC01: Self wedging tail-spring clamp
(3) #CR4025T: Stainless clamp rod, 4” long x .250 dia. with ¼-20 threaded end
(1) #CR8025T: Stainless clamp rod, 8” long x .250 dia. with ¼-20 threaded end
(7) #CLN025: ¼-20 locknut
(7) #CTN1-1: T-nut, 1.5” w/ (2) 1/4-20 threaded holes
(4) #CAR0251: Stainless adjustable rest, dome top, 1/4-20
(1) #CMJS01: Mini jack-screw, stainless w/ 1/4-20 post
(30) #C3125-5: 5/16” x ¼-20 set screw with nylon tip
(1) Plastic case for components
(1) OPTIONAL: #RVS-1: Rotary Vise (shown in detailed images); Price: $420.00

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