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Online CMM information sites:

Website: www.cmmquarterlymagazine.com

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CMM Programming and Contract Inspection:

Metrology Solutions Inc.
Contract inspection and PCDMIS programming.
Website: www.metrologysolutions.ca
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Jim Jewell
Phone: (519) 988-1186

Mark Boucher Consulting Services
PCDMIS programming.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (704) 995-3007

Inspec Inc.
Contract Inspection, CMM calibration, CMM programming services, surface plate and comparator calibration.
Website: www.inspec-inc.com

Dimensional Measurement Inc.
Contract inspection and CMM programming services.
Website: www.dimensionalmeasure.com
Phone: (248) 960-8801

Misc. Calibration Services

Gage Block lab, optical comparator and surface plate calibration.
Website: www.aajansson.com